The Benefits of Digital Color Matching

car paintingYour car is your baby. When you need to have auto body work done, you want it to come out looking like it did, or better. Scratches from keys, road debris, or sun damage—minor blemishes to your paint job happen, but a quality repair shop should be able to wipe them away with no remaining evidence.

When choosing an auto body repair shop, look for one that offers digital color matching. With digital color matching for auto paint, the technician can ensure a perfect match with your existing color when touching up scratches or dents. (more…)

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Making Informed Choices for Your Vehicle, Wallet, and Sanity

Don’t Have a Second Accident by Choosing the Wrong Auto Body Repair Shop

If you haven’t been in an accident yourself, kudos! However, the fact that you’re reading this suggests otherwise. Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t get into a second accident by choosing the wrong auto body shop. When choosing an auto body shop, price should be considered, but expertise, experience, excellent customer service, and great word of mouth recommendations should count just as heavily.

Should I Choose the Shop With the Lowest Estimate?

Sometimes the lower estimates are only lower until they get your car and keys in their possession. (more…)

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Who Is Towing Your Vehicle and Where is it Going?

You can choose your tow truck company most of the time.

tow truckYou’ve been involved in a collision and it’s clear that you’re not going to be driving away in your vehicle. Hopefully, you have an established relationship with a tow truck company, or are holding a card to a company you have heard great reviews about. Unfortunately, it’s time to use that card if the conditions are right.

Sometimes police departments call tow truck companies that they regularly work with, or are contracted with, so it’s important to inform the police that you would like to call your contact before they arrange the tow on their end. However, you must first take into consideration the conditions around you. If your vehicle is blocking traffic or needs to be moved immediately the officer may inform you that they must use the first available tow truck.   (more…)

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So many auto body repair shops; how to choose?

auto bodyChoosing the right shop for your auto body repair needs can be tricky. Getting your car fixed in an efficient and professional manner is important to you. Here are a few key points to help find the perfect match for your repair needs. One thing to look for is the shop’s reputation. If it’s spreading through positive word of mouth, this is a good sign that customers are satisfied.

Asking the right questions is another key point. What if something happens to your car in the midst of repairs at their location? You want to make sure you have insurance coverage to protect you from that. Make sure you understand any details about the warranty of the auto body repair work. Always follow your intuition when it comes to sending your car off for body work. (more…)

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Why and How to Start Your Automobile Restoration

restorationMany people ask, why choose auto restoration over getting a brand new car? Automobile restoration is usually a labor of love. It is a popular choice for older cars or models that are no longer made. Some cars have sentimental meaning to people who choose to restore their vehicle back to life.

Those classic cars that are out of production can be improved and ready to drive again with automobile restoration. Much time, energy and money is involved. A restoration project is an experience that will make you value your car even more. (more…)

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Restoring Your Vintage Model Car

Vintage cars are all the rage nowadays. From the little Volkswagen Beetles to the first Dodge Challengers; people everywhere are seeing the collectible and fashionable value in older cars. The only way for these cars to get the highest value possible, is if they are in the best condition. This includes lack of dents and scratches. (more…)

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