Can Insurance Companies Refuse to Work with Your Shop of Choice?

Finding auto body repair services you trust with all of your repair work is rare. When you do develop that bond, there should be no reason to go anywhere else for your auto repair needs. However, when an accident occurs and people start the process of filing a claim, their insurance companies may recommend another shop.

When this situation occurs, some people may feel torn between reliable work they can trust and doing as they are told by the insurance companies footing the bill. So now the question arises: can I bring my damaged automobile to the shop of my choice when I need repair work?

Laws Regarding Insurance Companies and Shops of Your Choosing

According to laws regarding insurance companies, you can never be denied going to the auto body shop of your choice when it comes to repairs. For insurance companies, it is in everyone’s best interests to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.

While the Insurance Commissioner does not tolerate delaying auto body repair services through unlawful practices, some people have had difficulty going to auto body shops of their choosing when dealing with insurance companies. The process is called “steering.” What this entails is insurance companies referring some auto body shops over others, including ones you trust with all your auto body repair work.

Insurance companies do not do this because they have some secret scam going on, but because they have had successful experience dealing with these shops in the past. When you are dealing with auto body damage and are in need of a shop, it is up to you to let your insurance company know you are going to your preferred shop for quality work you can depend on.

Problems Are Possible

Insurance companies like to play it safe when it comes to cost in auto body repair services. Most people deal with problems going to their preferred shop because their shop does not work through insurance companies, or negotiations cannot be met when it comes to dealing with the cost.

Just remember that the law is on your side when it comes to getting auto body repair services you can trust. If you have a trusted auto body repair shop with a crew dedicated to your satisfaction, their negotiations will go smoother with your insurance company and you will be able to get the service of your choosing without further delay of getting your vehicle back on the road.

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