Does Your Vehicle Need Frame Straightening?

When you’ve been in a minor car accident, you may be surprised at the amount of work needed to repair your vehicle, even for a low-speed collision. Most modern cars and trucks are designed to crumple upon impact, lessening the force applied to you and your passengers by absorbing it into the body of your automobile.

What is Frame Straightening?

Frame straightening is done by a frame machine to repair damage to a car or truck’s inner frame. The machine is able to apply pressure that is not possible for a technician to perform manually in order to straighten the frame. The machine allows your repair technician to push and pull the frame back to its original shape. The results of frame straightening depend upon the expertise of your auto body repair shop.

When You Need It

Body damage, like that caused from hail or flying road debris, usually does not damage the frame of your car or truck. When you have been in a collision, however, the frame of your vehicle is affected, and this can damage your automobile’s functionality. Frame damage is a serious issue that you need to have repaired in order to maintain the safety of your vehicle. It is necessary after almost half of all accidents.

The crumple zone technology reduces human injuries, but it does increase the instances of frame work needed after minor and low-speed collisions. If you don’t think your accident warrants a trip to the body shop, it doesn’t hurt to get your car or truck looked over and get an estimate. You may have damage you are not even aware of.

When you’ve been in a collision, make sure the body shop you contact has a frame straightening machine to repair this serious damage.

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