Restore Your Automobile to Its Former Glory

When speaking of cars, many people mention repairs like wheel alignment, exhaust system adjustments, and brake replacements. These repairs are vital to keep a car running smoothly with optimal performance, but there’s another important “R” of vehicle maintenance not to be forgotten: restoration. Restoration is the art of mending the degraded features of an automobile to establish its authentic form and appearance.

Automobile restoration is most valuable to people whose ideal car is a 1954 Chevy rather than a 2016 Ferrari. Restoration makes it possible to purchase a car that is 30, 50, possibly even 80 years old and make it look and run like it’s brand new. This process is an incredible feat of auto work blended with a careful art and tedious science that expert restoration specialists have down to a smooth system.

When planning a vehicle restoration, it’s important to plan for every part of the vehicle, from the pieces under the hood- engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and rotors- to the style seen on the street- upholstery, paint, bumper, and headlights. The question of rust, leaks, and safety also come into play. Restoration has to make the car safe to drive and beautiful to admire.

Breathing life back into a classic car offers benefits beyond your own satisfaction of driving through town catching the gaze of many jealous eyes. Restoration will skyrocket your car’s value at sales and auctions and even promote it as a collectible.

If you are aiming to complete a full factory restoration, be prepared for a lengthy and in-depth process with the utmost attention to detail and historical continuity. Full restoration involves replacing every car part with a newer piece that works better, all the way down to the lining of the trunk! The restoration service of your choice will work with you to maintain historical accuracy as they locate and select pieces from the same time period that match your vintage car.

A great deal of time, money, and effort go into restoring an older car to its original work of art, but it’s all worth it to see the final product!

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