Understanding an Auto Body Repair Estimate

If you have ever been in need of auto body repair services, you know the first step towards completing the process is getting an estimate, either from your insurance company or a trusted auto body repair shop. In some cases, customers get a few estimates that can range in price and vary in the work that is listed in the initial consultation.

While some estimates are lower than others, people run into a situation where they pick the lowest cost, and halfway through the work they discover the final cost will be higher than the estimate because of additional work that needed to be done. In order to avoid this, one must understand just what an estimate entails and take steps to avoid further costs.

Estimate Breakdown

When looking at an estimate through auto body repair services, you have to consider every line that is listed as an additional charge to be handled. For example, if you have damage to a quarter panel, you might get an estimate that lists:

  • Repair Panel
  • Repaint Panel

While this seems simple enough, other work is needed when it comes to panel work, including things such as taping off or removing a taillight or bumper to repaint the panel. Extra work is needed that was not initially in the estimate, and soon enough, you are spending more money than you expected to fix it.

Avoiding Extra Costs

In order to avoid low estimate schemes to get more money out of a consumer, one must be vigilant and ask questions. When you search for auto body repair services, ask the technicians about their process and what course of action their mechanics will take to properly fix what is wrong with your automobile.

The best auto body repair services are the ones that take the time to speak with their customers and never act annoyed or bothered by your questions. After all, it is your money that is being spent, so if you want to ask questions it is completely your right. By breaking down your next estimate and getting all the information you can, you can avoid excess charges and get exactly what you paid for without hassle.

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