Why Install an EV Home Charger During Autumn?

Why Install an EV Home Charger During Autumn

Installing an EV home charger during autumn is a good idea because of the milder temperatures, which make charger installation easier. People think that summer and spring are the seasons to install an EV home charger, but there are seven reasons autumn might be the best season to install the device.

Before you even install it, though, consider the quality of the brand you’ll be choosing. This is important because you’ll be putting it inside your house and using it on your car. You should pick a brand with a good reputation that will last you for a long time since EV home chargers are a little pricey. You can also look for additional features when choosing one since some chargers have features that might benefit you more.

Less damage to your landscape  

If you install the home charger during summer or spring, your landscaping is alive, and it will be hard for you to move your plants and rearrange your garden.

It is better to install the home charger during autumn because your plants will be sleeping until the end of winter. This is great because there is less probability of your plants getting damaged. It also gives you a chance to properly set up your landscaping for spring.

Temperate weather  

The weather from September until mid-December is comfortable to work and install the EV home charger. EV owners choose autumn to establish their home chargers because of the temperate climate. Summer gets too hot and humid, making it much more difficult to work up the motivation to install the home charger. Spring is too wet and muddy, which can be a hassle to work in. On the other hand, winter is freezing, and you’d prefer to stay home and be warm than go through the trouble of installing an EV home charger.

Service availability and quality  

Doing your EV home charger installation in autumn will give you more availability of materials and services to set up your charger. People opt to make home makeovers and renovations during spring and summer, making the availability of materials and services limited.

Having your EV home charger installation in the latter part of the year is less hassle since the things you’ll be needing will be available to you.

Flexibility in scheduling  

There are no significant holidays in autumn except for Halloween and Thanksgiving, which are only just one-day events. These events don’t even take a lot of additional time for planning, shopping, and other time-consuming activities, so it truly is the best time to take care of a new charger for your electric car. With this better flexibility in your schedule and all the free time available to you, autumn truly is the best time to take care of your EV home charger installation plans.

Limited outdoor gatherings  

Autumn marks the start of colder weather, so the number of outdoor gatherings starts to dwindle down or at least significantly decrease compared to spring and summer. During this time, there will be fewer excuses for you to delay all the things you’re meant to do – including installing an EV home charger.

Gets you prepared for winter  

Save yourself the hassle of going out in the cold to charge your car during winter. Doing this ahead of time will prepare you well for the cold hours of winter and will make it to ensure that your car is fully charged and ready to go when you wake up in the morning.

You’ll have more time to focus  

The EV home charger installation process is not a simple plug-and-go method. You will have to take the time to put it up on the wall, connect it to the appropriate wires, and much more. This process will need more than a couple of hours of your time, which is why doing this process during the slow hours of autumn is the best decision you can make. You will have fewer distractions during this season, such as get togethers and meet ups, so you can give 100% of your energy and focus on the task at hand.

Whichever method you decide to go about installing your EV home charger, whether by hiring a contractor or giving it a go yourself, do not forget to consider when you do it. Although it may seem like summer or spring is the best time to do it, the milder temperatures and lesser distractions of the autumn season are likely the better time to have your car charger installed.

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