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Specializing in Tesla and all other makes and models including these...

65 Years in Business, Since 1959!

Reliable Auto Body Shop in St. Petersburg, FL

Ensuring that your car is aesthetically pleasing from the outside and secured from the inside is our priority at Northwest Collision Center.

Owning a car brings about a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction. It’s also one of the biggest investments anyone could have. When you buy your own car, it’s understandable to feel the need to be protective of it. However, no matter how careful you are, road accidents are inevitable.

When you get into an accident, the body of your car is the first component that obtains damage. Regardless of the severity of the dents or scratches, it’s best to take your car to professional technicians. They can fully diagnose the problem and provide you with appropriate solutions to restore your car to its pre-damaged condition.

At Northwest Collision Center, we provide reliable auto body repairs for cars damaged by collisions. Our auto body shop in St. Petersburg, FL, caters to a wide array of car brands, from Toyota to Tesla. We guarantee you that, no matter the make or model, we can restore your car to its optimal condition.

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Who We Are

Northwest Collision Center is the premier auto body shop in St. Petersburg, FL. We have been providing exceptional auto body repair services to our clients in Florida since 1959. We specialize in servicing different car brands, such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz, and Tesla.  

As one of the most trusted auto body repair shops in St. Petersburg, FL, we utilize the latest technology to provide our clients with the best repair services possible. Our team of technicians is also properly trained to deliver our services with precision and accuracy.

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What Matters To Us

At Northwest Collision Center, we believe that cars should be aesthetically pleasing and safe to drive at the same time. With the help of our certified technicians, we restore cars to their pre-damaged condition and make them safe for driving again.

Our team also believes that cars are a reflection of people’s personalities. From the make and model, they give people a glimpse of who you are. As a service provider, we ensure that we prioritize our clients’ preferences and interests when we provide services.

What We Do

Northwest Collision Center offers a wide range of exceptional auto body repair services. With our extensive experience in the industry, we can repair any auto body issue your car may have. Here are some of the services our highly trained technicians provide:

  • Auto Paint
  • Auto Restoration
  • Auto Detailing
  • Digital Color Matching
  • Frame Straightening
  • Paintless Dent Repair
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How We Do It

Northwest Collision Center has been providing collision repair services since 1959. With over six decades of experience, you can rely on us to repair and restore your car. Through the years in the industry, we have learned the value of customer satisfaction, so we always strive for excellence.

We also prioritize our clients’ convenience, so we offer 24-hour towing services. We also work with various insurance companies to make payments easier. By combining state-of-the-art equipment with our technicians’ experience, we can guarantee to bring your car to its pre-accident condition.

Why Choose Us

Our team of specially trained mechanics work hard to ensure that the work they put into your car is of the highest degree.

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Equipped with the latest technology in the automotive industry, we have been the go-to provider of top-notch auto body repair services in Florida today.

Regardless of the severity of the damage your car obtains, you can rely on Northwest Collision Center to perform the necessary services to restore it to its pre-damaged condition. Our auto body shop in St. Petersburg, FL, is always ready to accept any car for restoration. Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries regarding our services.