Full Auto Body Repairs for Tesla Cars

Northwest Collision Center LLC in Clearwater

Clearwater Tesla Auto Body Repair Shop

No one wants to have a damaged car, especially one as valuable as a Tesla. Aside from the fact that a damaged car reflects badly on the owner, there may also be serious performance issues that could arise. As such, it is very important to immediately visit your trusted Tesla auto body shop in Clearwater, FL to assess the damage and schedule any maintenance or repair. Aside from repairs after accidents or collisions, vehicles also need to be maintained. Paint can fade over time and scratches are bound to appear. So, it may also be good to regularly bring your Tesla vehicle for some touching up. As a trusted Tesla repair shop in Clearwater, FL, Northwest Collision Center will provide you with the best mechanics who can perform partial or complete repairs and touch-ups for your Tesla vehicle with the highest standard of quality and efficiency.

Our Tesla body shop in Clearwater, FL includes but is not limited to the following services:

Glass Repairs

Glass makes up some of the most fragile components of your vehicle. These include your front and rear windshields, side windows, as well as your mirrors. These could easily break during collisions while some are deliberately shattered during break-ins and robberies. Having broken windows may be a threat to your safety as well as your belongings. Because of this, be sure to bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for glass repair immediately. There are also some instances when there are small cracks in your windows or windshields. It is often hard to tell if these can be ignored or if they need to be repaired or completely replaced. Only a professional mechanic can tell you what you need to do. You can drop by our shop for an auto body repair for Tesla in Clearwater, FL, and we can provide you with free expert advice as well as a free estimate on the price of the repair needed.

Auto Detailing

Bringing your car to our Tesla auto body shop in Clearwater, FL doesn’t always mean that it needs to be repaired. Sometimes, your vehicle just needs a bit of detailing to get it back to looking brand-new. At Northwest Collision Center, we do auto detailing which includes touching up on your car’s paint, cleaning your car’s interior, polishing your headlights and taillights as well as eliminating small scratches. This is a sure way to make your car look a lot better and stand out.

If your vehicle is currently in need of auto body repair work, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

Auto Restoration

Classic cars are some of the most sought-after vehicles in the world. If you are a collector who loves re-purposing classic cars with Tesla motors, then you’ll surely love having them restored at our Tesla body shop in Clearwater, FL. Our auto restoration process covers every part of your car’s exterior. Restoring a classic car is not a simple process. Apart from the cosmetic repairs that should be made, your mechanic should know and appreciate the history of your car. We at Northwest Collision Center take projects like this seriously and understand the passion of our clients for these classic cars. As such, our mechanics will ensure that every inch of your car is restored perfectly according to your liking.

Custom Painting

Whether you’ve grown bored with the color and design of your car or you want to personalize it, the guys at our Tesla repair shop in Clearwater, FL can help you. Surely, a car is a reflection of its owner. As such, we have customers who come to us for custom painting services. We can paint your car to any specification or design that you would like. We can also guarantee that we only use top quality paint for all our services. If you find yourself in need of auto body repair for your Tesla vehicle, choose Northwest Collision Center. As a certified Tesla repair shop in Clearwater, FL we know exactly how to repair your vehicle properly and bring it back to its factory standards! We are one with Tesla in making customers fully satisfied!