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Matching paint colors during auto repairs is not easy, but it has come a long way and is made easy using high-tech tools.

Are you having your car’s exterior repaired? Cars are manufactured with specific color codes that are not openly disclosed to auto body repair shops. Because there are infinite color shades and combinations, it is difficult to match the color through eyeballing alone.

At Northwest Collision Center, we see that our auto body repair services are done with accuracy and precision, including matching the colors of a car’s exterior surface. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide flawless results without any discolorations or visible discrepancies at any time of day.

One such technology we utilize is digital color matching — this allows us to determine not just the best possible match but the exact color of every car we service.

What Is Digital Color Matching?

Digital paint color matching is one of the latest technologies in the automotive industry. It involves using cutting-edge tools and equipment to match car colors during repair and maintenance. Not only does it read colors, but it also assists in determining the correct flake characteristics. Digital color matching maintains a consistent color throughout cars’ surfaces, giving them a good-as-new and attractive look.

Why Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop That Uses Digital Color Matching?

While there are many auto body repair shops out there that produce satisfying results, you’ll have total confidence with a shop that utilizes digital color matching, like Northwest Collision Center.
Here are some reasons why:

1. Manufacturers Don't Release Paint Color Codes

Many people assume that matching a specific paint color is simple; however, because manufacturers don't release the hex codes or paints they use, manually matching the colors is never enough. Only an auto body repair shop that utilizes the latest color matching technology can determine the right colors to use with pinpoint accuracy.

2. Paint Colors Fade and Change Over Time

Car colors fade and change due to several factors, such as maintenance and weather. Two cars manufactured by a company at the same time may have different colors after years of use. This may be because one is parked in a garage, while the other is parked where it gets too much sun exposure. Differing cleaning products may also cause the color difference.

Regardless of the reason, an auto body repair shop that utilizes digital color matching takes into account the exact color of a car when it is brought in for repair. This prevents inconsistencies in the colors of a car's surface.

NCC colourist man selecting color of car with paint matching scanner

3. Paint Color Codes Are Sometimes Not Accurate

While some auto body repair shops have a list of the paint color codes that car manufacturers use, it doesn't guarantee a flawless finish. A "cobalt blue" hue produced one year may slightly differ from another batch produced the following year. Not only does digital color matching easily determine the right colors, but it also helps auto body repair shops come up with the right mix of paint that will blend perfectly.

If your vehicle is currently in need of digital color matching services, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

NCC Using Digital Scanner to Get Paint

Northwest Collision Center's Digital Color Matching

At Northwest Collision Center, we use cutting-edge devices, tools, and equipment in our digital color matching process. We also use applications to input a car’s specifications to help us determine the exact paint color to use.

We use auto paint with weather resistance to prevent cracking and peeling in the future. By utilizing authentic paint formulas, modern paint application systems, and an oven-baked drying process, you are guaranteed a car that looks good as new.

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With over six decades of servicing cars, Northwest Collision Center is one of Florida’s premier auto body repair shops.
Whether your car needs new paint or repair, we are the one to call. For any inquiries or questions about our digital color matching, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us today for more information.