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Have frame straightening done to repair your car for cosmetic, structural, and engine damage.

Although your car may still run, the damage sustained could affect your safety and increase the likelihood of experiencing subsequent accidents and injuries.

In most cases, a damaged car frame can compromise the functionality of several other car components. Sometimes, damage may run deep beneath the surface, so it is crucial to identify and repair frame damage immediately. To ensure you don’t miss any hidden damage, you need professionals with experience in car frame straightening to inspect and repair your automobile.

As an industry-leading auto body repair service provider, Northwest Collision Center promises high-end quality automobile repair services for frame straightening. Having served in the industry since 1959, we restore your car’s optimal condition with ease.

With years of training, our auto body technicians employ the most advanced techniques to restore your car’s structural integrity. Your vehicle will look and feel good as new.

How Does Frame Straightening Work?

Our auto body repair technicians use a frame straightening machine to elevate the vehicle. The machine uses specialized lasers for manufacturer specifics to determine the amount of damage incurred and the exact bending and stretching specifications needed to restore your car frame’s original shape.

The vehicle is then placed on the platform, where chains from movable posts are affixed to your car frame. By adjusting the posts, our technicians allow the chains to align the frame by pulling it back using tension. This precision equipment also strengthens the frame to offer the same degree of protection as before the accident.

NCC Vice grips locked to car frame

Types of Frame Damage

1. Sagging Frame

This involves gaps in your car’s body. Due to uneven parts in your frame’s build, your vehicle tends to lean towards the location of the gaps. Without immediate repair, the gaps will stress your vehicle’s tires and coils, making them wear out faster.

2. Twisted Frame

Although its damage is similar to that of a sagging frame, a twisted frame is more difficult to spot. This damage makes your car unstable at high speeds and when making turns. Since the damage is invisible to the layman's eye, our team will conduct a thorough inspection.

3. Mashed Frame

Mashed frames often result from either a head-on or rear-end collision. This frame damage is usually characterized by distortions or wrinkles in the fenders, hood, frame horns, or rail. Given that it has a rippling effect, failure to have the car immediately repaired will cause serious wear and tear on the other components of your vehicle.

4. Sway Damage

This occurs when a vehicle corner is hit. A car suffering from sway damage usually leans toward a direction, so it is unable to drive in a straight line. The damage is more noticeable than a mashed frame, as the damage often occurs as vibrations and problems with car transmission.

If your vehicle is currently in need of auto frame straightening services, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

NCC Person holding straightening tool pressed to car side door frame

Benefits of Frame Straightening

As a reputable auto body repair service provider, we offer these benefits for car frame straightening:

  • Professional car alignment
  • Diagnosis of other structural issues
  • Insurance claim/full
    compensation for the damage
  • Restored (or even improved) appearance and integrity
  • Optimized automobile life span and function
  • Protection against future accidents

What Does Frame Straightening Cost?

The cost of frame straightening will be based on the extent of the damage. Nonetheless, our full car frame straightening may cost around $500-750, with added costs for additional repairs. To determine the total expenses for repair, have your vehicle evaluated at our auto body shop.

Restore Your Car’s Pre-Accident Condition

Car frame straightening requires expertise, precision, and specialized equipment.
At Northwest Collision Center, our auto body technicians have the necessary experience and state-of-the-art equipment to get your car back in shape. For inquiries, contact us today for more information.