Full Auto Body Repairs for Tesla Cars

Northwest Collision Center LLC in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Tesla Auto Body Repair Shop

As the leading auto body repair shop in the greater St. Petersburg, Florida area, Northwest Collision Center is a trusted, reliable provider for full auto body repairs on Tesla vehicles. While most mechanics will only complete partial repairs on Tesla cars, if any at all, we can complete any repair on your vehicle at the top level of quality and efficiency.
A leader in luxury automobile industry, Tesla incorporates innovative technology, top safety standards, and a sleek design into all of their vehicles. We understand the value of these cars and know that they shouldn’t be trusted in just anyone’s hands. That’s why Northwest Collision Center is a member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network. Members of this network are held to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, having undergone scrupulous training sessions and strict technician assessments. You can trust that we’re prepped and ready to provide the highest possible quality of service for your Tesla vehicle.

If your vehicle is currently in need of auto body repair work, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

We Can Perform FULL Body Repairs on Tesla Vehicles

Some mechanics that claim to offer complete auto body repair are only able to complete minor repairs or fix light collision damage. Simply put, accidents happen, and you need a trustworthy full auto body repair provider. We have more than 50 years of experience in this area and are known for stellar customer service. Plus, by offering full auto body repairs, we can restore your car to its optimal condition, no matter the size of the collision.
As a producer of Tesla-certified services, our guidelines come straight from the Tesla brand itself, ensuring that your vehicle will be returned to you in its original form. Repairs from mechanics who don’t belong to the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network may result in technical errors and key misjudgements. By fixing your Tesla with us, you’ll significantly lower your chances for having to revisit a mechanic to repair further complications down the road.
When it comes to your Tesla, we understand the need for thoughtful service backed by extensive experience. As a Tesla-certified business, Northwest Collision Center deliver full auto body repairs on luxury vehicles so that you can get back on the road without a hitch.