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Cars are like everything else you own. Some parts are highly susceptible to wear and tear no matter how much you take care of them, such as your car’s upholstery. Even though you do the necessary interval maintenance, it is inevitable that some parts will become damaged and need to be repaired or even replaced depending on the degree of damage.

Furthermore, sometimes road accidents are also unavoidable, which can leave your car looking pretty banged up. The most common damages to vehicles involved in road accidents include broken glass from your side mirrors or windshield, dents, and scratches. With more than 60 years of experience, Northwest Collision Center, an auto body repair shop in St. Petersburg, FL can fix all of your car problems.

Our auto body repair services include but are not limited to the following:

Window Repair

Most car windows nowadays are automatic and can be opened or closed with the push of a button. However, with this improved feature comes the problem that sometimes they malfunction. We can fix your power window and get it working as it should. Should your window glass be damaged, we also do car glass repair.

Windshield Repair

If your car’s windshield is broken, we strongly suggest that you bring it to our auto body repair shop right away. As it is the part that shields you from the elements while driving and gives you a clear view of the road, it is very dangerous to travel if your windshield is broken.

If your vehicle is currently in need of auto body repair work, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

Upholstery Repair

Your car’s interior is also important. It needs to be kept clean and fragrant whenever someone rides in your car. While you can do most of the cleaning yourself, your car’s upholstery is something you cannot do on your own. Drop by Northwest Collision Center and we will help you determine the best type of upholstery material and design for your car.

Dent and Paint Repair

For more serious accidents, the car usually gets dents. Some dents are shallow and can be easily remedied, while others are deep. It is important is that those dents are properly fixed because if not, your car parts may no longer fit together or be properly aligned.

Even light accidents can easily make your car look bad. It is so easy to scratch that precious paint you have been taking care of. Our team of expert mechanics can help you with those scratches and get your car’s paint as flawless as can be. We also provide whole body paint services if you are in the mood for a paint change.

Why Hire Us?

Your car can easily be said to be a reflection of yourself. A worn car with its exterior badly damaged looks bad not only for the car but for the owner as well. So, if you are ever around St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Florida looking for an autobody repair shop, visit us at Northwest Collision Center!

Our knowledgeable and trained mechanics can deliver quality and speedy services that can guarantee customer satisfaction. We invest not only in new materials and technologies, but also in ongoing education to expand our employees’ skillsets.

Whatever exterior and interior service your car might need to restore and make it look as good as the first time you bought it, we’ve got you covered!