Volkswagon and Audi Auto Body Repair

Northwest Collision Center LLC in St. Petersburg

Volkswagon Auto Body Repair

Volkswagon is known for making some of the most unique and quirky cars on the market. Each model is full of personality, so no matter what your style is like, you’ll find a Volkswagon that suits you. In German, Volkswagon means “people’s car,” and they truly make all kinds of cars for all kinds of people. Their strategy suits them well – they are the #2 top selling brand of car in the world, next to GM. We can take great care of any Volkswagon and give it whatever auto body repair or restoration it needs. No model is too obscure – our experts at Northwest Collision Center, LLC can restore anything from a modern Jetta to a vintage model of the Volkswagon Beetle.


Your Volkswagon will be in excellent hands at Northwest Collision Center. With models as diverse as the Golf, Passat, Beetle, Touareg, and Fox, Volkswagons are certainly diverse and specialized cars, but we offer auto body repair and detailing services for all of them. Whether you need a custom paint job or full restoration after an accident, you can trust that your job will get done with the highest quality care and attention to detail. Northwest Collision Center has been in business for over 50 years and is still in business today because of the excellent work our technicians offer. Your car will come back to you looking brand new and better than ever.
If you have a project car – perhaps a vintage Volkswagon Bus from your youth that you would like to restore – Northwest Collision Center can make it look decades younger. No car is beyond repair, no matter how bruised or broken it may be. Vintage cars are dear to the heart and are important pieces of history; so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about an old Volkswagon that you would love to see looking new again.

If your vehicle is currently in need of auto body repair work, visit our location today or contact us for more information.

Audi Auto Body Repair

If you have an Audi, the luxury brand of the Volkswagon Group, the staff at Northwest Collision Center will give it the excellent service it deserves. Audi is known for making high-end vehicles with cutting edge technology and performance. The evidence of their incredible quality can be seen in the bodies of their cars. Audi has been using aluminum space frame technology since 1994, offering improved handling and weight reduction. All of their cars are galvanized with a zinc coating to offer the best protection against rust. They were the first mass market brand to set the standard for full body galvanization, raising the bar and implementing a new level of quality for other vehicle manufacturers to follow.
The makers of Audi put the best work and attention into every vehicle, and we will do the same. These vehicles are made to last, and we will help you ensure that yours does by offering whatever repair or restoration services you seek. No matter what model of Audi you drive – A1 through A8, an S model or the high performance R8 road car – we will meet your every need. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you.