5 Tips for Getting an Auto Body Repair Quote

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Whether you’ve been in a minor fender bender or a more severe car accident, finding a reliable auto body repair shop is crucial. You’ll want to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible but also want the repairs done right.

Getting an accurate and comprehensive auto body repair quote is crucial in making an informed decision. It helps you understand the extent of the repairs needed, the timeline for completion, and the overall cost you can expect. But how do you get a quote for auto body repair? Let’s find out!

How do you get a quote for auto body repair?

When asking for an auto body repair quote, you can do it in person, over the phone, or through their website. Here are the steps to follow to get a quote for auto body repair:

1. Provide the necessary details about your vehicle and the damage

Start by giving the auto body repair shop all the essential details about your vehicle and the damage it has incurred. This includes the make, model, year of your car, and any specific information about the damage.

For example, if you were in an accident, you can describe the impact and any visible damage, such as dents, scratches, or broken parts. The more specific you are, the better the auto body repair shop can assess the extent of the damage and provide an accurate quote.

2. Request a preliminary assessment

If possible, ask the body shop for a preliminary damage assessment. This can be done by sending them photos or scheduling an appointment for an inspection. An initial evaluation will give you more accurate auto body repair estimates and help you decide if the shop fits your needs.

3. Inquire about the parts and repair techniques

Ask the body shop what parts they will use for the repairs and what techniques they will employ when asking for auto body repair estimates. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are preferable for most vehicles since they are specifically made for your car’s make and model.

However, if the cost is a concern, you can inquire about the possibility of using high-quality aftermarket parts. Regarding the repair techniques, you’ll want to ensure that the body shop uses industry-standard practices to restore your vehicle’s safety and performance.

4. Seek a written, itemized quote

It’s important to ask for a written, itemized auto body repair quote that breaks down the costs of the services. This includes the cost of labor, parts, and any additional services or materials needed for the repairs. Doing this lets you easily compare the quote with others later on.

5. Consider the reputation and customer reviews

Before making a final decision, consider the reputation and customer reviews of the body shop. Look for feedback regarding their quality of work, timeliness, and customer service. It’s worth choosing a shop with a good track record of satisfying its customers, even if their auto body repair quotes may be slightly higher.

Which details should be included in auto body repair estimates?

Good auto body repair estimates should include the following details:

1. Contact information and the date of the estimate

The repair estimate should have the body shop’s contact information and the customer’s details. Having the date when the estimate was provided is also essential since costs can change over time.

2. Description of the problem or damage

Auto body repair quotes should contain a detailed description of the problem or damage, as discussed with the body shop. This ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding the required repairs.

3. Breakdown of the costs

A good repair estimate should have a breakdown of the costs, including the expected expenses for parts, labor, and any other required services. This breakdown helps customers understand where their money is going and allows them to compare the costs with other auto body repair quotes.

4. Projected timeline for completion

The estimate should provide a projected timeline for the completion of the auto body repair project. This gives the customer an idea of how long they can expect to be without their vehicle and helps them plan accordingly.

5. Warranty details

If the body shop offers any warranties for their work, these should be clearly stated in the auto body repair quotes. The warranty details, including the coverage period and any limitations, give the customer confidence in the body shop and provide them with recourse if they encounter any issues after the repairs are completed.


Asking for an auto body repair quote is crucial in getting your vehicle back on the road. Remember to provide all the necessary details about your car and the damage, inquire about the parts and repair techniques, and seek a written, itemized quote.

Additionally, when you get a quote for auto body repair, consider the body shop’s reputation and customer reviews. While price is important, quality work and customer satisfaction are worth the investment. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right body shop for your car’s repair needs.

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