6 Automotive Paint Matching Benefits That You Should Know

NCC-Automotive Paint Matching Benefits That You Should Know

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Say, you get into a fender-bender on your way to work one day and it results in a deep, nasty scratch on your car that exposes the metal beneath the paint job. In cases like these, it’s best that you get it fixed right away because, more than just an eyesore, corrosion could easily set in and cause further damage to your car.

Once your car is in the shop, technicians will assess the damage and recommend the best solution to your problem. Typically, a deep scratch on a car’s body would require sanding, filling, and repainting of the damaged portion or panel of the car. The repainting process used to be tricky in the days of yore. As you can easily imagine, technicians would have to rely on their sense of sight to match the new paint color to the original paint job seamlessly. More often than not, it wouldn’t.

Fortunately, this wouldn’t be a problem nowadays thanks to car color matching technology we have now. More than just the accuracy of the paint color, this technology offers several other benefits. Read on to know how it works and what you can benefit from it.

How does automotive paint matching work?

Before, car paint color matching was done using color swatches. However, this method was limited in its functions, as it was difficult to match the color exactly. This is particularly true if the original paint has faded. With the digital color matching version, the process is much more precise and efficient.

A device called a spectrophotometer is initially used to scan the car’s existing paint color. This auto paint color scanner measures a hue’s spectral reflectance and generates a digital color code that is specific to that particular shade. The code is then entered into a digital color matching software program for analysis and for the generation of a formula that will create the exact same color. It takes into account such factors as the type of paint used, the thickness of the paint layers, and the lighting conditions in which the paint will be viewed.

Based on the generated formula, a car technician will use a paint mixing machine to create the exact color match. The machine, known as a car paint matching scanner, can precisely measure and mix the necessary pigments and other components to create the desired paint color.

How Your Car Can Benefit From Auto Color Matching

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Vehicle color matching has revolutionized automotive painting and refinishing. Here are five benefits that this technology can provide you and your car.

1. Accurate Color Matching

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This is the primary benefit of using car paint color matching, ensuring a seamless repainting or refinishing job. There’s no more need to worry about visible color differences or patchy paintwork after the repair job.

2. Time Savings

Accurate color matching benefits both the car owner and the repair shop. The matching process takes only a few minutes to complete, compared to the hours or even days it would take when traditional methods are used.

3. Reduced Costs

By using auto paint color match services, repair shops can reduce their operational expenses because costly matching mistakes and rework jobs are effectively avoided. Car owners can save money since the repainting work can be finished in a matter of minutes even if the entire car needs to be refinished. This can mean lower service and labor charges.

4. Increased Value

A vehicle with a flawless paint job looks better and can fetch a higher resale value. Automotive paint matching ensures that your car’s paint looks perfect, making it more attractive to potential buyers when the time comes that you want to sell the auto.

5. Environment Protection

Digital car paint color matching can reduce the amount of paint needed to refinish your automobile. This can help reduce the environmental impact of automotive painting. The technology also minimizes the amount of solvent and other chemicals used in the repainting process, making it environmentally friendly.

6. Paint Durability

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The car paint produced through digital color matching is an exact match of the original. This means that the new paint will have the same level of durability, protecting the auto from environmental hazards like UV radiation, oxidation, and weathering. This can result in savings in the long run as the need for future repairs or repainting is reduced.

Key Takeaway

In the past, getting to match car paint colors accurately was a major concern among vehicle owners. This was due to issues with the paint color applied. A slight difference in the shade can be noticeable to the human eye, and a poorly matched paint job can affect the value of a car.

This was the case many years ago. Today, the car repair industry has innovations like digital color matching to rely on. It’s a cool and advanced technology that has allowed car technicians to precisely match the color of an auto’s original paint. This has resulted in high-quality car repairs and repaints that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. Many professional repair shops have invested in advanced automotive paint matching systems to ensure that their services meet high-quality standards and customer expectations.

Experience unmatched digital color matching services at Northwest Collision Center.

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Try digital color matching if your car needs repainting. Northwest Collision Center assures you that it will help your vehicle look great while on the road and better protected against the elements.

Our expert digital color matching Largo, FL, team has been using the technology for many years, and have satisfied countless customers. We want you to be the next one so you can have the best driving experience. Call us today.

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