Auto-Detailing: Why it’s an Important Maintenance Step

One of the responsibilities of car ownership is keeping the vehicle in solid working condition, which includes maintaining appearance as well as mechanical aspects. Anyone can wash, vacuum, or dust a car; professional detailing services go beyond these steps. By looking after the exterior paint and tire conditions, in addition to interior upholstery and carpeting issues, you can potentially increase the resale value of your vehicle by having regular detailing done.

Your car is there for you on a daily basis, and during these daily drives the exterior is exposed to a variety of weather conditions and environmental issues that can damage, dull, or even ruin the exterior of your car if you let them sit too long. Some examples of these issues include:

  • Bugs – while they seem a minor annoyance, insects are actually very acidic and their bodies can eat away at the paint on your car if left for too long. Washing will remove the bodies, but oftentimes the acidic residue stays behind.
  • Salt – if you live in a variable climate, you know winter weather can bring ice, snow, and salt used to melt the former two items. Salt attaches itself to your vehicle, and if left unchecked, can remove the protective wax covering over the paint and dull the overall finish of your car.
  • Dust/Dirt Residue – while vacuuming removes surface evidence, dirt, oils, salt and other contaminants attach themselves to your vehicles upholstery and carpet each time you enter or leave the car. Removing this grime takes a good steam cleaning and shampooing, which many of us simply do not have time for.

Northwest Collision Center provides full detailing services for interested customers. Exterior cleanings involves deep cleaning to remove contaminants from paint, and a full vehicle buff and wax to protect between treatments. We’ll also perform wheel and rim cleanings to tires, keeping them working and looking great. Interior services include professional steaming, vacuuming and cleaning of carpets and upholstery, with special care for leather, vinyl or rubber interior parts. Windows are also cleaned, and we’ll flush the air conditioning vents to remove dust and other harmful particles.

Professional vehicle detailing will provide not only a pleasant driving experience for you, but will prolong the overall life of your car, and increase resale value when you’re ready to begin a new relationship.

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