Auto Painting – What to Know and How to Choose a Shop

Choosing to repaint a vehicle can be a difficult and time consuming process. Regular paint cannot be used on automobiles due to the special nature of the vehicle body, and the daily environmental conditions the car must put up with. This is why it’s best to leave auto painting to the professionals to produce high-quality results and save you time and energy in the long run.

There are national low-cost auto painting chains that will advertise specials, but these prices typically include a paint-only job rather than sanding, priming and preparing the vehicle to accept the paint for long-lasting results. There is also the old saying that you get what you pay for, which is why it’s important to research what type of painting services the shop you are looking at provides.

What To Look For In An Auto Painting Shop

Good body shops will generally provide a warranty on their paint jobs, and remove the windows of the vehicle to avoid splattering them with paint during the process. Sanding the current paint job down to the metal of the vehicle is nice, but not necessarily a requirement. Some shops will use chemical stripping agents to remove the paint but leave the undercoating to prevent later peeling and chipping of the new paint job.

Custom paint jobs with all new colors different from those currently on the vehicle will be more work (and more costly) than simply restoring the current paint shade. Seek out custom auto body shops for this work, but know the vehicle is often stripped of all engine, trunk, and other parts to ensure the interior or mechanics aren’t damaged during the process.

Other things to look for in an auto painting shop include friendly, knowledgeable staff that will provide both cost and time estimates for the work. The shop should have a paint booth in sight, and technicians will provide a pamphlet with a detailed list of services.

If you are looking for a new paint job on your vehicle, be sure to stop into Northwest Collision Center for a detailed list of our auto painting services and an estimate on the type of paint job you desire.

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