Clean Car Hacks You’ll Love

Between keeping up with workplace obligations, taxiing your children around to sports, and keeping an eye on your budget, it’s difficult to also maintain a clean and attractive car interior. Fortunately, you aren’t the only one who feels that way, because the world’s best organizational minds have developed many different ways to keep your car organized even when you’re on the go. These car hacks will give you a renewed sense of order in your life… and your car!

What Trunk Junk?  (more…)

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Your Car Hit 100,000 Miles: Now What?

36224501 - color detail on the headlight of a vintage car.Thanks to sturdy engineering and advanced technology, more cars than ever are still with their first owners when they hit 100,000 miles. This is a major milestone in every car’s life, so it is important for you to understand how to respond. While your car always needs regular maintenance, it becomes even more important once so many miles have accumulated. The following maintenance items in particular are critical for every car that has hit six digits.

Timing Belt

Your car’s timing belt is a rubber belt that helps to synchronize the engine’s functions, like rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. Since so many smaller functions rely upon the timing belt, the timing belt is essential to your car’s health and can cause excessive damage beyond its own failure. It’s a very wise idea to replace your car’s timing belt voluntarily before it breaks on its own, as this will save you time and money, and keep you safe. (more…)

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Common Car Problems that Come with Age

26827384 - old car in laneAs you age, you start to notice more problems with your body. From acid reflux and joint pain to wrinkles and loss of muscle mass, aging can be tough on the physique. The same goes with cars. The older your car is, the more you need to worry about certain problems occurring. Suspension, brakes, and power equipment have proven to be the most likely components of a car to need replacement and repair after 9 years, so brace yourself!


Suspension maximizes friction between the tires and the road surface so that your car glides along and remains within your steering control. This part of your car’s inner workings is critical because suspension absorbs excess energy from road bumps, minimizes the transfer of your vehicle’s weight, and helps you take sharp corners without rolling. If you sense your car feeling every single bump, pulling to one side, and giving you a difficult time steering, you may have suspension problems forming. It’s always best to call a mechanic before you end up stranded on the side of the road or involved in a major accident. (more…)

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A Quick Guide to Restoring Classic Cars

36224501 - color detail on the headlight of a vintage car.Classic cars like the Ford Model T and Chevrolet Bel-Air will always be respected for their historical significance, which is why so many car enthusiasts enjoy finding and restoring classic cars to add to their collections. Whether your car is from the 1930s or the 1970s, there are a number of steps you can take to restore it to its former glory.

What is Restoration?

Automobile restoration can be defined as the process of repairing a degraded aspect of a car. The ultimate goal of restoration is to return an automobile to its former authentic condition, as if it had just come out on the market again. This means that restorations are meant to be historically accurate. Depending on the quality of the car upon purchase, it may need extensive restoration, in which case it’s best to ask for professional help. (more…)

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Don’t Settle for Just Any Towing Company

46986824 - tow truck towing a broken down car on the street.You rely on your car to get you everywhere you need to go, and you trust that it will start up every time you put the key into the ignition. But unexpected problems always come at the worst times. Whether you have a flat tire, run out of gas, or get into an accident, you will find yourself in need of a tow truck when you’re least prepared for it. This makes finding the right tow truck company all the more important; you deserve a company that will help you make the best of a difficult situation and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Expect to Be Treated Like a Valued Customer


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All About Paintless Dent Repair

car dentJust like you’re bound to bump and bruise yourself from time to time, your car is inevitably susceptible to dings and dents. Whether it’s the car next to you at the grocery store or a major hail storm, you may find that your car has suffered dent damage that you would like to reverse. You have a few options, but the best option by far is to utilize paintless dent repair.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

When you need a minor dent removed from the body of your vehicle, PDR can come to your rescue. This method works by essentially getting behind the vehicle’s “skin” to push dented panels back into shape. As the name suggests, PDR only works if the paint in the area of the dent was left intact. Any dents with chipped or cracked paint can’t be salvaged with PDR. (more…)

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