Clean Car Hacks You’ll Love

Between keeping up with workplace obligations, taxiing your children around to sports, and keeping an eye on your budget, it’s difficult to also maintain a clean and attractive car interior. Fortunately, you aren’t the only one who feels that way, because the world’s best organizational minds have developed many different ways to keep your car organized even when you’re on the go. These car hacks will give you a renewed sense of order in your life… and your car!

What Trunk Junk? 

For many people, the trunk of the car becomes its own form of that junk drawer in the kitchen. It slowly accumulate all of the miscellaneous items you don’t have time to deal with, until eventually the top of the trunk doesn’t want to close. Fight this by sorting everything in collapsible bins. Unlike milk crate that can’t be folded or bent, soft storage bins have enough structure to hold hard objects but can be collapsed to make more space at a moment’s notice. As a handy tip, attach your bins with Velcro to keep everything together.

Remove Console Clutter

Do you have an impressive array of random items around your console and dash? Rather than digging through it all every time you need a pen, purchase small, transparent tote bags to hold everything from tissues to insurance documents. This will increase organization, make your car more attractive, and save you time when you need to find something specific.

Get Creative with a Remote Control Caddy

Have you ever seen a remote control caddy that hangs from the arm of a sofa to hold all of your TV watching necessities? Instead of using it inside your living room, place one so that it hangs down from your child’s booster seat. Swap remotes with anything your child might usually need, like colored pencils, granola bars, and tissues. Rather than those small items rolling around the back of your car all day, they will have a specific home.

Once you’ve mastered the art of interior car organization, you can place your attention to more serious matters like auto body repair and restoration. A remote control caddy can’t help you there, but Northwest Collision Center most certainly can. Northwest Collision Center specializes in auto body repair for all sport, luxury class, and rare vintage sports cars. Give them a call in St. Petersburg at (727) 547-3694 to learn more and make your first appointment.

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