Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?

Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer

Ever since the launch of the first ever electric vehicle, many health and safety related questions were raised. A lot of these questions are centered around the effects of electric vehicles on the human body and the possibility of electric car cancer risks.

EV manufacturers claim that the electric vehicles minimize the possibility of diseases that can be acquired in fuel-powered vehicles or internal combustion engine vehicles.

Since electric vehicles are powered completely by electricity, they largely depend on conventional energy. This means that electric vehicles emit extremely low frequency magnetic fields. Electric vehicles are equipped with high-powered electrical machines and high-voltage cables and batteries, which make magnetic field exposure inevitable when using electric vehicles.

Exposure to low frequency magnetic fields can be hazardous to the human body. This fact has raised public concern about electric vehicles.

This leads us to the intriguing question: Do electric cars really cause cancer?

There are several stages in the production and usage of electrical vehicles that may be the most critical, but we will be focusing on the operation and recycling of the EV. But before answering if electric vehicles really cause cancer, here are some of the possible causes of cancer through vehicles.

 Air Pollution   

One of the main causes of air pollution is the exhaust produced by internal combustion engine vehicles. When in use, a diesel-powered car can emit up to 40 components that can cause air pollution. All of these components can cause cancer.

IC vehicles contribute the most carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide to the air, and emit almost a quarter of hydrocarbons. Air pollution can increase the risk of respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and other serious diseases such as cancer.

Electromagnetic radiation   

Research proves that exposure to electromagnetic fields can have a negative effect on the human body’s nervous system and its function. It can also cause damage to cells that will lead to development of cancer cells. Symptoms of too much EMF exposure may include insomnia, headaches, depression, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, restlessness, and many more.

The symptoms of high exposure to electromagnetic fields can be vague, and diagnosis unlikely. We are yet to know everything about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

Do Electric Vehicles Cause Cancer When in Use?   

Now that we know how diesel-powered vehicles can cause cancer, it is best to find out if electric vehicles can cause cancer with the same factors. Air pollution and electromagnetic radiation are the deciding factors for this question.

Air Pollution and Electric Vehicles   

An electric vehicle is battery and electricity operated and doesn’t have a tailpipe. Therefore, it produces zero emissions. This means that the possibility of cancer due to air pollution when using electric vehicles is unlikely.

Different from electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles also known as HEVs have tailpipe emissions, which means there is a possibility of causing air pollution when using hybrid electric vehicles.

Electromagnetic Field and Electric Vehicles   

Aside from air pollution, the main question many people have about EVs is if electric vehicles give off radiation. Modern electric vehicles emit electromagnetic radiation because they have radars and sensors that create electromagnetic fields inside the car. Some of the major factors that contribute to the electromagnetic radiation in EVs are bluetooth, wifi, antennas, and ABS brakes.

Do Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles Cause Cancer?   

IC engines are heat engines, in which the combustion of fuel produces energy. Compared to electric vehicles, IC engines emit a lot of air polluting substances that may cause harm to the human body. Diesel and petrol engines are more dangerous than electric vehicles because the air polluting substance they emit may result in lung cancer and other respiratory complications.

Do Electric Vehicles Cause Cancer While Being Manufactured?   

During the manufacturing process electric vehicles emit harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. The reason for this occurrence is lead components of its batteries. Some health problems associated with electric cars include lung, kidney, and brain cancer.

Why Choose Electric Vehicles?   

With all the comparisons given above, choosing electric vehicles over IC engine vehicles is a better option when considering the health and cancer risks for drivers and passengers. Electric vehicles don’t have tailpipe emissions and are not contributing to air pollution.  If the electricity needed for the vehicles can be generated from renewable resources, the pollution from vehicles can be reduced mightily.

Electric vehicles do not result in pollution as excessive as IC engine vehicles. The only health risk you need to look out for in your EV is electromagnetic radiation. However, EVs only produce low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which does not cause cancer like high-frequency electromagnetic fields do.

All in all, electric vehicles do not cause cancer, and they are so much safer than IC vehicles. Northwest Collision Center is the most reliable auto body repair shop in St. Petersburg FL. We provide painting, restoration, and detailing for all types of vehicles. If you need help with your electric vehicle, you can visit our website and contact us now!

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