Does Eco-Mode Save Gas?

Does Eco-Mode Save Gas

It is no secret that our environment needs all the help it can get to make it safer and cleaner. Choosing to drive an electric vehicle is one of the ways you can help. You might be thinking of different ways to maximize your EV; if you’ve seen the eco-mode but you don’t know what it’s for, read on.

What Does Eco-Mode Mean?

Eco-mode is short for economical mode. When you activate this mode, it will alter some features of your electric vehicle. It is usually triggered when you’re driving to save fuel. If you’re worried that you won’t reach your destination in time, eco-mode is there to save the day.

Technically speaking, activating eco-mode inhibits transmission and engine performance. It will minimize the throttle and will start boosting the fuel economy of your EV. From there, your electric vehicle will be less responsive to acceleration. Therefore it lessens fuel consumption.

Can You Always Use This Mode?

As much as you want to increase your contribution to keeping the environment clean, eco-mode is not perfect when you’re traveling on expressways or highways. Since this mode limits the acceleration of your EV, this mode is also not suitable for long drives.

However, you can use this mode when driving through the neighborhood or running errands at the supermarket. If you’re planning a trip across states, this mode is not your best option.

Will it Have Negative Impacts on Your EV’s Engine?

If you are careful when driving, you won’t have to worry about hurting your engine even when you constantly turn on eco-mode. However, if you’re planning to move faster than usual or you’re about to join a race, your car’s engine will take a hit. Don’t forget that short trips are the best when in this mode. You’re putting unnecessary stress on your engine when you hit the pedal and try to drive fast.

Does Eco Mode Save Gas?

The short answer is yes. Eco-Mode will both save you electricity and fuel. When you activate it, it will also minimize the air conditioning system in your vehicle. Keep in mind that pressing the gas pedal harshly and pressing the brakes hard will take its toll on your electric vehicle’s engine. However, don’t forget to turn this mode off when traveling longer distances at higher speeds.

How do You Maximize Eco-Mode?

Maximizing all the features of your EV is beneficial for you also. Now that you know what it is and what it’s for, here are a few tips to get the best experience:

Be flexible in your driving style.

If you are driving while anxious, upset, or frustrated can sometimes put unnecessary pressure on your gas pedal, brakes, and engine. Avoid driving in eco-mode or driving at all when feeling intense emotions. Waiting to go can save not only your engine but lives as well. Learn how to adjust the force you exert when in this mode.

Check your tires.

Before driving even short distances, make sure to check your tires. When your tires have enough air, they can last for a more extended period. It can also improve your EV’s gas mileage by three percent.

Maintain your engine.

Even if you see no problems with your EV, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring it in for a check-up by experts. Know that it is more expensive to have your car repaired than having it maintained from time to time.

Do not speed.

When in eco=mode, it is essential to maintain the right speed. If you don’t want to damage your engine or waste fuel, be mindful of it.

Use cruise control.

If your car has cruise control, use it. You’ll have a consistent speed, which means you’ll have lower fuel consumption.

Driving in eco-mode from time to time is also beneficial for your wallet. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line auto body repair shops in St. Petersburg, FL, check out Northwest Collision Center. We can check your electric vehicle, and we’re more than willing to help you maximize all its features, including eco-mode. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff. Why wait? Give us a call now!

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