Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric Cars - Advantages and Disadvantages

With the fast-advancing technology nowadays comes improvements to everyday items people use. One of the most remarkable improvements is the creation of electric cars.

Electric vehicles are a type of car that uses battery-powered rechargeable engines instead of gas-powered engines. Although they have an advanced and high-tech design, many improvements are still needed.

So, if you are interested in buying one, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars that you might want to consider before deciding.

Advantages of Having an Electric Car

The goal of innovations is to make something better; so if you want to know the advantages or benefits of electric cars, here they are:


Unlike the typical cars you see on the road, electric vehicles do not need exhaust systems. In other words, they are not considered a contributor to air pollution as, during use, no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.

Moreover, electric cars use renewable energy, such as wind and solar, to recharge. So, you are helping the environment when you have an electric vehicle.

Less Maintenance Required

Since electric cars do not have combustion and mechanical engines, they do not have many moving parts; so, all parts remain intact for a longer period. In addition, electric cars do not require frequent changes in oil or brakes.

In the long run, having more minor maintenance requirements will help you save money.

Quieter Performance

When a gas-powered car is approaching, you will know it is coming due to the sound that it makes. That is not the case for electric cars; they produce a minimal amount of sound.

Electric cars are quiet to the extent that lawmakers suggest installing noise-producing devices on them. The purpose of it is to alert pedestrians that a vehicle is coming their way.

Tax Credits

For using an eco-friendly car, you, as the owner, can receive tax credits of up to $7.5K. The amount of tax credit you will receive is based on the electric car model that you are using.

Designated Lanes

One of the most incredible benefits of electric cars is that there are places that will let you drive on the high-occupancy vehicle lanes, also known as the carpool lanes, even if you are alone in your vehicle.

This benefit will help you save time, especially when you are driving in congested areas.

Disadvantages of Having an Electric Car

Let us move on to the disadvantages of electric cars. As mentioned above, improvements as far as design, convenience, and performance are still possible. Here are some of the drawbacks of electric vehicles:

Limited Range

When their gas tanks are full, gas-powered vehicles can cover a distance of around 400 miles, while electric cars can only cover a total length that ranges from 60 to 100 miles.

With a few hundred miles difference, it is evident that gas-powered cars are still the better option when you are going for long drives.

Long Charging Time

Another disadvantage of electric cars is that they take too much time when charging. Typically, electric cars need 20 hours of charging time to be at total capacity again.

Compared to gas-powered vehicles that take a couple of minutes to have their gas tanks full, 20 hours is way too long.


To those asking the question, “Are electric vehicles cheaper than gas-powered cars?” the answer is no. So, how much does it cost to own an electric car? For now, electric cars come at a higher price that ranges from $30K to $80K since innovations and improvements are still ongoing.

However, as technology progresses, the cost of electric cars is expected to be at par with that of gas-powered cars.

Few Charging Stations

Since many drivers have yet to switch to using electric cars, there are only a few charging stations for now. This is one of the disadvantages of electric cars, which we can eliminate once people decide to switch.

Few Choices

Right now, there are only a few companies that manufacture and design electric cars. Meaning to say, the options you have when it comes to electric car models are still limited.

Worry not; because sooner or later, more and more designs may come out to the public.

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