How Long Should It Take to Have Body Repair Work Done on My Car?

It’s hard to generalize about the exact time frame for getting car repairs done, because it depends on a number of different elements, including the amount of damage, whether new parts have to be ordered, and the amount of other work that is in front of you at the repair facility.

You can save time by choosing an auto repair shop that specializes in your brand of vehicle, and that doesn’t have a lot of clients in front of you.

Most minor repair work can be done in a couple of days. For very extensive repairs that necessitate ordering replacement parts, it could take a couple of days longer to get the parts to the shop.

If you were involved in a serious auto accident that requires major rebuilding of your vehicle, the time frame will only go up. An extensive repair job could take up to two months.

Considerations when having auto body repair work done

Auto body repair can often take longer than expected. You might end up having to use a rental car for quite a while. It could cost you a small fortune to drive a rental car for a month or two – and that cost would be in addition to the unexpected cost of car repairs after an accident. Unless you have really good car insurance, you’ll have to pay for that rental car yourself. You might be one of the smart people who is paying a nominal monthly fee for rental car coverage, however. Even so, that coverage might only cover a compact car. Does that car have enough space to haul your kids, sports equipment, and dog around in? If you’re used to driving a minivan or SUV, it could be a big change for you – and impact your schedule.

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