How Often Do Electric Cars Break Down

How Often Do Electric Cars Break Down

Just like other electrical gadgets and appliances, electric cars are susceptible to wear and tear. However, one of the many advantages of using an electric vehicle is that you don’t have to use complicated parts such as the clutch, starter, internal combustion engine, radiator, or exhaust. These parts can cause any gasoline-powered car to break down. Without them, these factors may lead to a reduced chance of your electric vehicle breaking down.

Of course, electric cars also have parts that gas-powered ones don’t; these different parts lead to slower wear and tear when compared to regular vehicles. One example of this is the brake of the EV. The car activates the brake through regenerative braking, making it less prone to early depreciation.

Maintaining Electric Cars

Before you buy an electric car, the first question that may pop in your head might be, “What is the life expectancy of an electric car?” Well, this depends on its maintenance and how you generally use it. One of the main reasons people switch to electric vehicles is that it does not require much to maintain and regularly service.

The main problem that you need to focus on is when the battery runs out. Replacing an electric car battery can be costly. That’s why you have to know the range of your car, so you will be able to estimate how long the battery will last.

The electric car battery is more likely to break down the more you use it. Keeping your electric vehicle in its best shape will lead to minor wear and tear, causing a breakdown. The condition of your EV and its battery is one of the significant reasons to keep it in the best condition.

Although insurance for electric vehicles may cost more than regular vehicles, this does not mean that they break more frequently. This difference is because electric cars have fewer options for repair than hybrid or gas-powered vehicles, making them much harder to repair. An occurrence that requires a quick repair for a regular car may need a major replacement for an EV.

Do Electric Cars Break Down Less Than Regular Cars?

The quick answer to that question is no. Your speed and the way you drive your car affects the range of your electric vehicle. Not using regenerative braking on urban roads will cause your range to go up. The purpose of regenerative braking is to turn its energy into electricity, which the car can use to recharge its battery.

Because your dashboard can inform you how much charge you have left, you have the advantage of minimizing the chance of your battery draining in the middle of nowhere. Because of these advancements, electric car owners are knowledgeable about the status of their car, making it break down less frequently than regular cars.

However, electric vehicles still break down from time to time. Factors that may contribute to your EV breaking down easily are frequent use of your car AC, having hot seats turned on constantly, and speeding. To avoid too much heat inside your electric car, you can use the pre-cooling feature to set the temperature of your vehicle.

How Often Do Electric Cars Break Down?

A single EV battery may last for up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use, which means your car won’t be able to run as fast in ten years. The speed range of your electric car will recede up to 40%.

With this slight disadvantage, electric car manufacturers are starting to develop new EV models with better battery quality. This improvement means that when the battery runs out, it will be easier to have it replaced. The only downside is that the current price for a brand-new electric car battery is more than half the cost of a new car. That’s why most EV owners prefer to buy a new car instead of replacing the battery.

Electric vehicles break down less and are less costly to maintain; their lifespan is lower than regular cars.

EV Parts That Most Likely Needs Repair

Electric car parts break and need repairing or replaced every once in a while. You will still have to deal with blown tires and software malfunctions with electric cars just like you would with regular vehicles. Some things that are likely in need of repair are bulbs, broken windows, heaters, and wiper motors.
To maintain the excellent condition of your electric car, have it regularly checked for any damage that needs repair. The frequency of electric cars breaking down depends on how long they use the car and its maintenance. An EV that is maintained and always kept in its best shape will break down less than expected.

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