Selling Your Car? Here’s How to Get the Best Price Possible for Your Vehicle

As the old saying goes, your car loses value the minute it’s driven away from the dealership. However, just because your vehicle will never get back its original retail price doesn’t mean you can’t get a good amount for it when you choose to sell it on.

However, if your car is looking worn out and in bad condition, it’s unlikely to generate much interest, and you’ll be lucky if you can get a few hundred for it. Here’s a few tips to help you get the most for your used car without blowing your bank balance in the process.

Top Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Sale

1) Fix the paintwork. If you’ve got scratches or chips in the paintwork, this can instantly make your car look as though it’s had a few collisions, which is not the impression you want to create. Take it to a body repair specialist, who will be able to paint over the scratches, making your car appear good as new again.

2) Clean it! The last thing that is going to appeal to a buyer is a shabby, dirty car. Take it to the car wash and make sure that every part of the car is cleaned, including the tires and under the chassis. Even better, get your vacuum cleaner and clean the interior thoroughly too. If there are any unpleasant lingering odors, invest in an air freshener.

3) Get rid of dents. If you’ve got any minor dents to the bodywork of your car, take it into a specialist body repair expert, who will be able to get rid of them for you. Remember, you want your car to look as new as possible!

Car Repair Specialist

If you want to start getting your car ready for resale, get in contact with Northwest Collision Center today. We’ll get to work ensuring that the bodywork of your car is as perfect as possible to help it appeal to your prospective buyers. To find out more, call 727 347 8945 today.

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