The 3 Most Sought After Cars for Restoration

Every car buff has considered restoring a car at least once in their lifetime. You may have a specific car in mind that you really want to have restored, or you may just like the idea of driving a restored classic car. Either way, these three most sought after cars for restoration can be among the most expensive to restore, but they can also give you years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Oldsmobile 445

This is likely the only Oldsmobile model to ever be popular with the classic or muscle car crowd. This car is one of the cheaper ones to restore, making it more sought after. It’s got a lot of the same features as other muscle cars, but because it was never as popular, it can be cheaper to acquire and restore.

Pontiac GTO

This is often considered the first muscle car. The Pontiac GTO can be an easy car to find, and parts are readily available for full restoration. If you want both the power of a classic muscle car and the beauty of a mid-sized car with a full-sized engine, this is the best car to purchase and restore. Once fully restored, it can be worth quite a bit as well. The models that have “The Judge” on the fender are even more powerful and worth even more money.

Chevrolet Chevelle

The Chevrolet Chevelle is another great classic muscle car. You do need to be a savvy buyer when it comes to these muscle cars. Because they are so popular and worth quite a bit when fully restored, many people will try to sell you a clone or fake instead of the real deal. If you can find one of these ready to be restored, it can be a wise investment.

If you have one of these or another classic car that you would like restored, we can help. Contact us today for more information and an estimate.

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