The 4 Key Qualities of a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

It’s very easy to think that if you’ve seen one auto body repair shop; you’ve pretty much seen them all. This is a very common mindset among many Americans. However, this is far from true.

If you have ever been on the market for any kind of professional service, you know that the difference between a fly-by-night and fly by the seat of your pants service with a truly professional outfit is like day and night. In one case, you can get ripped off. In the other case, you end up with a service that is easily worth many times more than the amount of dollars you paid for that service.

This is why it’s really important when you’re looking for great auto body repair services to pay attention to the right qualities. Let’s face it, even the worst companies can produce high-quality brochures. Even companies that you shouldn’t trust can have a sleek, fast-talking salesman who can get you sign the dotted line. Unfortunately, if you’re not paying attention to the right qualities, you might end up spending too much money and getting very little to no quality in return. Here are the four qualities of great auto body repair shop.

Clear estimates

Keep in mind that when you take your car into the shop for an estimate, that is precisely what you’re going to get. It’s a guess on how much the repair work would costs. It’s just a guess. This is why it’s called an estimate.

However, there is an estimate, and there is a real estimate. The kind of estimates you want to stay away from are estimates that are so overblown and all over the place that they could pretty much anything in there to pad up the price. That is exactly the kind of auto body repair shop you want to stay away from.

Truly professional outfits would give you clear estimates. They would spell out what kind of work definitely needs to be done.

Clear explanation of estimate items

When you look at the estimate, everything has to be fully explained. Just having a list is not enough. When you talk with the person doing the estimation on your auto body repair work, he should be able to fully explain why certain work needs to be done. If the person is tongue tied or talks in circles, you know you’re not dealing with a professional. You should look for another auto body repair shop.

Complete equipment

It’s one thing for a company to be staffed by the very best technicians and the highest quality auto body repair artist. That’s all well and good. However, if they don’t have the proper tools to get the job done, this should make you think twice.

Place your trust in a company that not only has the skill level to get the job done right but also has the tools and equipment to ensure you get the kind of auto body repair quality that you bargained for.

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