The Benefits of Digital Color Matching

Your car is your baby. When you need to have auto body work done, you want it to come out looking like it did, or better. Scratches from keys, road debris, or sun damage—minor blemishes to your paint job happen, but a quality repair shop should be able to wipe them away with no remaining evidence.

When choosing an auto body repair shop, look for one that offers digital color matching. With digital color matching for auto paint, the technician can ensure a perfect match with your existing color when touching up scratches or dents.

How Does It Work?

At a repair shop that uses digital color matching, the technician will most likely use a handheld device that takes a picture of your current paint job. The technician will input relevant information about your vehicle make and model to an application on the device. The application will automatically match the perfect shade to your current paint. This takes the guess work out of manual paint matching, which relies on the human eye.

Accurate Results

The main benefit of digital technology in auto refinishing is the accuracy of your finished paint job. Nobody wants to have a scratch or dent repaired only to find that the spot is just as noticeable because of a poor paint match. Asking your local repair shop about their paint matching methods will make you feel better about how your car or truck will come out looking.

Digital color matching makes matching your paint color much quicker for the auto repair technician. That means your car or truck can get done with repairs and back on the road quicker. Digital matching provides both faster service to customers and better results for paint repair. Choosing an auto body repair shop that uses digital technology will put your mind at ease.

Greg Descent

Greg Descent

The proprietor of Northwest Collision Center, boasts a remarkable journey in the auto repair industry. Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Greg spent his formative years in California, where he cultivated a deep passion for automotive work. In 1996, he seized the opportunity to acquire Northwest Collision Center, a reputable establishment founded in 1959 and situated on Tyrone Boulevard for over five decades. Greg's hands-on approach and dedication to the business have been pivotal since he first joined the team. Under his leadership, Northwest Collision Center has continued to thrive, maintaining its legacy of excellence and commitment to quality service in the automotive repair sector.

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