The Best Care for Your Newly Painted Car

Paint is a relatively simple concept but can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your car. A fresh, clean layer of paint is one of the easiest ways to spot a newly purchased—or extremely well maintained—car on the road. If you live in a Southern state where the sun shines consistently year-round, the paint on your car will fade much quicker than on the cars of your friends up North, and you may find yourself itching for a fresh coat of paint to give your car that “just off the lot” look. Or perhaps you want to spice things up using a different color or added designs on your car. Chemical staining is another leading contributor to needing new car paint; acid rain can create permanent spots in the paint if not washed off regularly. Whatever your reason for seeking auto painting, you need to find professionals with the utmost expertise who can transform your car into a painted masterpiece.

Accurate Color

Did you know there are over 10,000 colors and effects available for painting cars? With that level of variety, it’s crucial that the professional painting your car has the expertise to properly match colors for a seamless paint finish. Digital color matching technology can be thanked for a tool that achieves flawless paint perfection every time.

Best Quality

If you’re investing in auto paint, make it a worthwhile investment and ensure your car is painted using weather resistant material that includes the four vital components to produce the highest grade paint possible: resin, color, metallic flakes, and mica flakes. Resin acts as the paint’s glue and blends effectively with the other three ingredients for high gloss, durable paint that will make quite a statement. These four ingredients are the key to separating high quality paint from cheaper mixtures that won’t last long.

The right auto paint will transform your car into a newfound luxury, without added monthly car payments or insurance bills!

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