The Most Expensive Collision Repairs

When you have a car accident, you go through stages of shock. First, you are shocked by the event itself, and you may be shocked by your injuries. The second shock comes when you take your car in to get an estimate. Ouch! Even though your insurance will likely cover the damages, you will still have to pay your deductible. And if repairs are too costly, you could be on your own to repair it if the insurance company wants to total out the vehicle.

In any case, there are some collision damages that are simply expensive to repair. Unfortunately, the most expensive of collision damages are also the most common.


Depending on where the main computer unit is in your vehicle, it could be damaged in a car crash. The computer control unit of your vehicle makes everything work the way it should. When the computer is damaged, none of the car’s systems can function. Replacing the computer on a vehicle can cost up to $6000, and diagnostics and reprogramming can cost an additional $1000.

Safety Systems

Safety systems like seatbelts and airbags are not as simple as they used to be. If your airbag deploys, it could be very costly to repair. Damage to airbags, seatbelts, and safety sensors can add up considerably. Airbags alone can cost up to $1500. 

Bumpers and Grills

Your bumper or grill is no longer just a piece of metal or plastic. If you have a car built in the last decade, you probably have some extra features on your bumper, like a backup camera or sensors. If you have these features, it will be very expensive to replace your bumper, upwards of $1000.


You would think that headlights wouldn’t be that expensive, but for some car models the price can be as high as $1500 per assembly. Even if you have an older car or lower quality headlights, you could pay as much as $700 per headlamp assembly.


If you have a newer vehicle, your mirrors could be very expensive just like your bumper. If your mirror has sensors, a heated mirror, or other features, you will find yourself paying as much as $1500.

As you can see, it can be very expensive to be in a car accident. If you need your auto repaired after a collision, contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Greg Descent

Greg Descent

The proprietor of Northwest Collision Center, boasts a remarkable journey in the auto repair industry. Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Greg spent his formative years in California, where he cultivated a deep passion for automotive work. In 1996, he seized the opportunity to acquire Northwest Collision Center, a reputable establishment founded in 1959 and situated on Tyrone Boulevard for over five decades. Greg's hands-on approach and dedication to the business have been pivotal since he first joined the team. Under his leadership, Northwest Collision Center has continued to thrive, maintaining its legacy of excellence and commitment to quality service in the automotive repair sector.

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