Top Five Must-Know Trends for Electric Vehicles in 2021

Top Five Must-Know Trends for Electric Vehicles in 2021

With the increase in oil prices coupled with a decreasing amount of resources, there is great demand for better alternatives to petrol cars. 2021 is a promising year for electric vehicles (EVs), and several factors are continuously supporting its major growth — leading to a possibly more extensive adoption of electric cars in 2021.

EVs are already known as a popular, energy-efficient mode of transportation. Today, they have earned recognition as one of the most relevant and necessary innovations in the automotive industry. Given that EVs are breakthrough technologies, the latest trends in electric vehicles have paved the way for new opportunities and possibilities to transform internal combustion engines (ICE) into evolved models of performance and eco-friendly efficiency.

Below are some of the major electric vehicle industry trends that are shaping and redefining the market today.

1. Advanced Design

EV buyers today can be demanding, not only for innovative technology but also for aesthetics and smart use of space. This includes fuel cells, batteries, appearances, and safety standards. Because of this, automakers are continually shaking things up and bringing forth new designs and vehicle variants. Moreover, they are setting development times, advancing manufacturing processes, and determining vehicle life cycles to meet their customers’ needs.

2. Wider Range

With the onset of new technology continuously influencing different industries in our lives, the automotive industry is slowly embracing an emission-free future. If you’re looking to purchase a new EV that satisfies the ease and comfort you are looking for, you can find several upgraded models for electric cars in 2021.

The biggest challenge for EVs today involves having a restricted range compared to ICEs. The latter still has the upper hand when it comes to speed, convenience, and refueling options, as EVs take longer to recharge and run out of power faster. 2021 is an eye-opener year for developers who are continually working to come up with efficient solutions that would address these inadequacies, such as range-extending hybrids and incredible long-term alternatives like the solar-powered electric vehicle.

3. Growing EV Production and Sales

It may come as no surprise to many that EVs are less costly to operate and maintain than conventional vehicles, resulting in a surge in sales and production. Although the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted this electric vehicle industry trend, things took a major turn in the market when it bounced back and closed out 2020.

The momentum was enough to make 2021 a momentous period for EV purchases. This year, it is expected that the number of EV drivers will increase dramatically; according to CleanTechnica’s EVAdoption Analysis, EV sales are forecasted to rise by up to 70% in 2021.

This situation leads to an increase in the demand for a broader range of EV models. The EV powertrain is considered a rather simple and widely interchangeable component, so automakers in the market won’t have to work too much about this factor.

4. Increasing EV Charging Station Infrastructure

With the forecasted increase in the quantity of EVs, the national infrastructure needs to catch up by finding ways to expand the availability of public EV-charging stations. This latest trend in electric vehicles is considered vastly important to promote the EV market; thus, EV drivers can also expect the number of charging stations nationwide to climb.

In fact, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC) pointed out that there are 26 states that have approved 45 utilities to allocate 1.5 billion dollars for electric vehicle charging-related programs. On top of that, a 1.3-billion-dollar investment for EV-charging proposals still awaits approval. This may be a good time for you to consider installing an EV-charging station at home or purchasing a solar-powered EV yourself.

5. Broadened Variety of Electric Vehicles

The year 2021 is opening doors for traditionally ICE-powered vehicles to transition to electric. This ICE-EV conversion has since led more EV-designing companies to look past EV-only products, with some utilizing PLM tools to explore how to work smarter, analyze their designs, and instigate a wider range of adaptations for other vehicle types — including electric heavy-duty vehicles (HDV).

It is known that electrification in the HDV market and the growing demand for more variations (e.g. electric trucks) have encouraged manufacturers to expand their product lines to accommodate these needs and purposes.

The increase in electric model availability between 2020 to 2023 across different vehicles — such as buses and medium freight trucks — reflects every manufacturing company’s commitment to electrification.

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