What Does an Auto Body Repair Technician Do?

Auto repair technicians are educated in the area of auto body repair and have the right skills to do related repairs and custom refinishing, based on specifications from the manufacturer.

Auto repair technicians fix cars that are damaged. They fix vehicles of all types, like trailers, campers, buses, trucks, vans, cars, and motorcycles. Usually, the term “auto repair” is not used when motorcycles are discussed; the term “motorcycle repair” is used instead.

An auto body repair technician may do the following:

  • Provide you with an estimate for the cost of an auto repair job
  • Fix small dents
  • Straighten twisted or bent frames
  • Work in dirty/noisy places
  • Take off parts to get access to vehicle fenders and body
  • Replace doors, fenders, and other car parts
  • Refinish the car with a primer coat, sand the car, and paint it with a finish coat
  • Fix the headlights and align the wheels

Where are auto body repair technicians employed?

Every credible auto body repair shop, car dealership, and custom refinishing service has skilled auto body repair technicians.

What does the average auto body repair technician make?

The average auto body repair technician makes about $38,000 per year.

What skills are required to be an auto body repair technician?

You need the right training, education, and skills to be a successful auto body repair technician. You need to know how to perform several types of metal finish, metal welding, and have an understanding of paint preparation and refinish materials. Those are just some of the main skills needed. You will need to learn a lot more by enrolling in an auto body repair technician at your local community college or trade school. You can get a job without formal education, but employers are starting to look at applicants who have real automotive repair training.

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