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Custom painted vehicles are a sight to behold. They are the product of a process in which a car’s exterior is repainted using various painting techniques and unique patterns, designs, and colors. Custom paint jobs can make a vehicle stand out and make a statement. They are popular among car enthusiasts and can often be seen at car shows and even on the street.

Customized auto painting is not a new concept. People have been custom painting their cars for decades, but with the advancement of technology, custom paint jobs have become more intricate and complex.

What are custom painted vehicles?

Customized auto paint jobs involve painting a different color on a given car. Often, however, motorists prefer to have a new coat or shade of the original color.

Historically speaking, the early cars were either unpainted or sported a black hue. But by the 1920s, auto painters began to experiment with other colors as a way for car owners to show their tastes and have their cars make a statement. Ford retained its signature black-colored cars, but other manufacturers like General Motors introduced different paint colors for different models. Thus, began the interest of car owners in personalizing their vehicles.

Custom Paint Techniques

When it comes to a fresh paint job for your car, the following techniques are among the most common:

1. Airbrushing

NCC-Airbrush Paint

This is a technique that has been used for decades when painting custom designs on vehicles. It involves using an airbrush tool to spray paint onto the car’s surface.

Airbrushing allows for great detail and precision, making it perfect for painting intricate designs, images, or lettering. The technique can also create a 3D effect on a car’s surface, so it can stand out from other custom painted vehicles.

2. Hand Painting

This technique is often used to create a one-of-a-kind look on a car. Hand painting is not as precise as airbrushing, but it allows for more creativity and customization. Professional hand-painters are often highly skilled and talented who can create various designs, from simple stripes to intricate patterns.

3. Vinyl Wrapping

NCC-Vinyl Wrapping

In this car painting technique, a car paint shop technician will wrap the vinyl around a car’s surface. The vinyl is cut to fit the car’s body precisely, and any design or color can be printed or painted on it.

Vinyl wrapping is a popular alternative to traditional car painting methods because it is less permanent and can be easily removed or replaced. It is also a cost-effective way of quickly changing the look of a car.

4. Hydrographics

Also known as water transfer printing, hydrographics is a unique custom paint technique that uses a special film. When applied on your car’s surface, the film undergoes a chemical process allowing it to transfer its design to the target vehicle. This technique is often used to create unique patterns, such as wood grain or carbon fiber.

5. Candy Paint

Candy paint is a custom paint technique that uses a transparent color applied over a base coat. The color creates a deep, rich hue that appears to change in different lights.

The technique is a popular choice for car owners who want a bold and unique look for their vehicles. Various car painting tips, however, reveal that candy paint requires several layers of paint to achieve the desired effect. This makes it a time-consuming and expensive car painting method.

Common Custom Car Paint Colors

Listed below are the common car paint colors that a car paint shop could apply to your automobile, depending on your taste or preference.

1. Metallic

This is a popular custom paint color often used in various auto paint companies to create a sleek and modern look for your car. Metallic paint contains small metallic particles that reflect light, creating a shimmering effect on the surface of a given vehicle. This can be applied in a wide range of colors, from silver and gold to blue and green.

2. Pearl

This car paint color also has reflective particles similar to the metallic type, but it reflects light differently. Often, the resulting color is more subtle. White and black to pink and purple are the colors commonly associated with pearl paint.

3. Candy

Candy paint uses a transparent color that is applied over a base coat. The transparency creates a deep, rich color that appears to change in different lighting conditions. Candy paint is compatible with such colors as blue, green, red, and purple.

4. Solid

One of the most common car painting tips is to use solid color paint. Indeed, solid color paint is the most common custom car paint color, and it is associated with a sleek modern look. It is a single-color paint that can cover the entire surface of your car and will look good in colors like black, white, red, green, gray, and blue.

5. Chameleon

Like the reptile, chameleon paint is unique because it can change color depending on the viewing angle and lighting. It contains special pigments that initiate the alteration in color whenever the viewing angle changes, creating a unique and eye-catching effect for your car.

Key Takeaway

The best way to protect car paint is to settle for the type that will last for a long time. Other than durability, your choice of car paint can also be a matter of personal taste. This is how the concept of customized painted cars came about. As more automobiles began to fill major thoroughfares, there came the need for autos to stand out and be seen as rare or distinct and different.

When considering a custom paint job for your vehicle, it is essential that you work with a professional and experienced car paint company to ensure that you receive excellent automotive paint care while bringing your vision of a unique and special car to life.

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