What You Need to Know About Lifetime Warranty for Automobiles

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Gone are the days when people consider a simple car a status symbol. A car these days is becoming more of an essential item than a luxury material. Some lower class and working middle-class families can own one nowadays due to the accessibility of these items in the market.

Though it is now more accessible to get one, it is still challenging to have the money to purchase it. Some people work for different companies and go beyond eight hours to reach the minimum income that banks require before they can apply for a car loan. This kind of support from financial institutions comes in varying terms depending on your capacity to pay.

When you get your car, apart from the financing’s monthly payment, there are additional costs that come with it. You have to get your automobile maintained at least once a year to ensure its excellent performance. Also, repairs are inevitable due to the thousands of car accidents daily.

Most auto body shops offer a lifetime warranty for repairs when you bring your impaired vehicle to them. Some give it for free, and others sell it for a low price. Regardless, it is a document that can save you money in the future. However, before signing one, there are things you have to know and consider.

What is a lifetime warranty?

The general explanation of a lifetime warranty is that it is a contract between the manufacturer and the buyer that says the former can repair or replace defective parts and materials of the product until the buyer’s death or up to the last date of component production. So the lifetime applies to the life span of the customer. However, the concept of a lifetime warranty varies depending on the product and service offerings of the company.

Also, many people use it interchangeably with a lifetime guarantee. The main difference between them is that one is the general term, while the other one refers to the specific contract. So, when a dealer offers you a free lifetime guarantee of repairs for your purchased vehicle, ask for a warranty. The first one is just a verbal agreement, which is sometimes not legally binding. The warranty, being a valid document, can serve as your proof when you bring the car to the dealership or shop for repairs, as stated on the contract.

The lifetime warranty for car repairs often covers the most essential parts of the vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, and drive system.

What do you need to know before getting one?

When deciding if you will get a lifetime warranty of auto body repairs from your trusted car shop, there are things that you have to consider or do first before making your final decision.

The first thing you should do is shop around. Go to different dealerships and auto body repair shops in your area to ask if they are offering a lifetime warranty product. If so, ask if you can have a copy of the contract to check the specifications written. Once you have all the information, counter-check each one and decide which one gives you the best offer.

If you are wondering how long does a lifetime warranty lasts, the answer is it depends. Again, it varies from company to company. The “lifetime” in the contract may mean three ways:

  • As long as the company continues to manufacture the replacement parts for the vehicle
  • As long as the company is operational
  • As long as the client’s life span

So before signing the contract, you must read the terms and conditions stated in the document. It is to ensure that everything written there is clear and you agree with them.

How and where to get a lifetime warranty for car repairs?

When getting a lifetime warranty product for car repairs, it is best to get one from a reputable auto body shop. The owners and the technicians are well-versed with what the cars need for repair and maintenance services. Also, most car shops offer a lifetime warranty for free as part of their services, and in some cases, you only need to pay for an extension if it says in the contract.

Also, when you take your car to an auto body shop with extensive years of experience for repairs, you are guaranteed to be given excellent service.

When you finally decide to get one to keep your car in good condition, read the contract thoroughly. If you are having a hard time understanding some clauses, you can always ask the car shop or anyone who knows how to interpret the writings in the lifetime warranty. There’s a saying that goes, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” Hence, whenever you are signing a contract like this, it is crucial that you understand each specification and know when to use it for a particular situation.

How to maximize the warranty of your car?

Maximizing the lifetime warranty of your car for repairs will, of course, depend on the contract. You can go over the contract to check if there are provisions you can often avail of to ensure the continued excellent performance of your vehicle.

For instance, if the contract doesn’t say there is a limit for car detailing works, you can bring your vehicle to the shop for the service even if there is only a minor issue, like a scratch. This work is best handled by trained technicians, so even if it is a small problem if you have a warranty to solve it, maximize its use.

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