What Your Cars Paint Says About You

Most people who are in the market for a new car or are considering a new paint job for their car will choose a color that is aesthetically pleasing to them. This is completely natural. Who doesn’t want to be pleased with the color of their car? However, most people do not know that the color of their vehicle says more about them than just their color preference.

Did you know that the color of your car could say a lot about your personality? In particular, it can speak volumes to your personal level of confidence. A marketing research study shows that certain colors relate to a person’s level of confidence. It seems as though that flashy red Porsche in your neighbor’s driveway suggests that the owner has below-average confidence. And that yellow Lamborghini you see your favorite celebrity driving around means his self-esteem is not all it could be.

Red, yellow, orange, and blue cars are most associated with low confidence in their owners, according to a survey. This is no coincidence. The colors blue, red, orange, and yellow tend to be the flashiest and most attention-demanding colors on the road, and who needs attention more than those who are lacking in inward confidence?

On the other hand, there are a set of colors that have been found to be consistently attached to people with above-average levels of confidence. People who own cars that are emerald green, silver, or dark blue tend to have above-average levels of self-confidence. Of course, these car paint colors are more subdued and tend to fly under the radar of an onlooker’s notice. This suggests that people who drive cars whose paint is any of these colors do not feel the need to be constantly noticed and therefore have more confidence in themselves that does not need to stem from the attention of others.

Maybe you can guess what color is associated with people of average confidence. If you guessed the color white, you are correct. Drivers of white cars tend not to be overly confident in themselves but certainly do not display any unhealthy insecurity either.

The color of your car can also say a lot about your mood. The study carefully observed drivers over a period of time and tracked their moods. People who drive cars colored black, silver, or dark blue tend to have level-headed moods that aren’t subject to much diversion. Those who drive cars colored green, red, yellow, or orange are usually unstable in their moods and have dramatic “mood swings.”

Even if you didn’t choose the color of your car, you don’t have to live with the message it sends about you. Car paint jobs have become relatively inexpensive and simple in the past decade. A simple car paint job can send an accurate message about you to anyone you encounter and can even help boost your confidence. Let Northwest Collision Center change what your car says about you today!

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