Why is Car Maintenance and Body Repair Important

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For many, their car is their most precious possession. The humble motor car started out in 1886 when Carl Benz filed the first motor vehicle patent. The first car was a three-wheeled vehicle with a gas engine capable of reaching a top speed of ten miles per hour. Right from the start, the motor vehicle became a status symbol as much as a novel means of transport, and it was to remain this way until Henry Ford invented the mass production assembly line and rolled out the Model T Ford in 1908.

The Model T was influential because it marked the beginning of the mass production of motor vehicles and the beginning of the American automobile industry. The Model T Ford also represented a convenient and accessible means of transportation for the general populace rather than just the wealthy elite.

With the development of the automotive industry came the corresponding development of associated industries, such as the car maintenance and body repair industry, which in 2019 in America generated over $21 billion in revenue. This article will give you all the essential information you need to know about the car maintenance and body repair industry and why it’s important.

A Rundown on the Car Maintenance and Body Repair Industry

As the old saying goes, the numbers don’t lie, so here are some statistics to give readers an idea of the size and revenue-generating capacity of the automotive maintenance and repair industry.

The American car maintenance and body repair industry is composed of approximately 162,000 businesses and generates an estimated revenue of $115 billion. Globally, the industry is expected to generate at least $678 billion in revenue by 2026.

The Importance of Car Maintenance and Body Repair

Driver and Passenger Safety

The first critical reason to maintain regular checks and repairs (should your car get damaged) is for driver and passenger safety. By having your car undergo regular maintenance checks, you can spot any potential problem areas and head them off before they become a reality.

For example, during a regular maintenance check, a qualified mechanic can check the condition of your brakes, the oil levels, and, if necessary, the oil changing, the lights functioning, and the air filters. All these maintenance checks are performed to prevent potential problems before they occur and ensure your safety when out on the road in your car.

The Importance of Professional Auto Body Repair Service

The main reason it is essential to have professional repairs done after a crash is that this helps ensure your safety. If you have a collision that involves heavy impact, your car will be damaged, and some of this damage may be structural.

Structural damage includes bending the car’s frame or chassis, which can compromise your car’s structural integrity and risk your safety. If the frame is bent, cracked, or broken, this will affect the steering and decrease the protective functionality of the car.

The car’s chassis or frame supports the entire car body, and this metal body protects you when a collision occurs. If the frame is damaged, it is also weakened, which means the car body has diminished capacity to protect you in the event of heavy impact.

Perhaps the most worrying thing about structural damage is that it is hard to spot with an untrained eye. A damaged frame is not as superficial as a damaged panel, yet it is critical. An auto body work professional will have the experience and equipment to thoroughly inspect your car’s frame, identify any structural damage, and have the special tools to repair.

Car Body Repair

Cars say as much about their owners as owners say about their cars. A car’s aesthetics or the appearance of a car is a priority for the majority of car owners. Cars have that almost magical ability to create and convey an image.

The average car owner prioritizes their car’s appearance, sometimes to the point of obsession, and should they be involved in an accident and damage the car’s bodywork, they will take it to a professional to be repaired. A professional auto body repair worker will have the training, skills, mechanical equipment, and tools to make the necessary repairs and restore your car’s body to its original pristine, showroom floor condition.

Typically, car maintenance and body repair will include:

  • Dent repair, including paintless dent repair, requires specialized tools and metal massaging techniques
  • Panel beating using specialized panel beating tools and techniques such as planishing sheet metal panels using a specially designed planishing hammer
  • Repairing and replacing glass components such as the windows, particularly the windscreens
  • Repairing or replacing front or back bumper bars
  • Car body panel replacement
  • Car frame repair, strengthening, and alignment

How to Find a Good Auto Body Repair Shop

There are over 162,000 different auto body repair shops, so there is likely one close to your neighborhood. However, the significant quantity of automotive repair shops and collision centers can also be overwhelming and confusing.

Here are some tried and accurate ways to cut through the confusion and find the car bodywork repair shop that best suits your needs.

  • Don’t be shy to ask around. Many of your relatives and friends will have utilized the services of a qualified auto repair shop. They will guide you by recounting their experience with a particular auto repair services center and offer free advice.
  • Do your research, go online and read reviews. The genuine experiences of other people should always be the ultimate guide.
  • Ask your local mechanic for a recommendation.
  • Always check the licenses and other certifications.
  • First impressions usually are correct, so always feel free to go with your gut.


Car maintenance and body repair is an extensive business generating more than 115 billion USD in revenue from over 162,000 businesses in mainland America. Auto maintenance and repair are essential to maintain safety levels, your car’s showroom appearance, and its resale value.

Car body repair is vital because the damage could be structural and invisible to the untrained eye. Only qualified auto bodywork repair specialists will have the technology, experience, and tools to repair structural and exterior surface damage.

Leave it to the professionals like Northwest Collision Center.

Nearly everyone experiences the joys of driving a motor car and the woes of being involved in a collision. Many of those involved in a fender-bender will attempt a do it yourself auto body repair, but invariably this will turn out to be a mistake. What starts as an attempt to save money will often become more expensive.

A professional collision repair center like Northwest Collision Center, the premier auto body shop in St. Petersburg, FL, will utilize its extensive experience, advanced technical equipment, and specialized tools to conduct potentially life-saving repairs and the ever-necessary cosmetic surface bodywork repairs. Need to get your car done? Call Northwest Collision Center now!

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