Windshield Glass Repair Services

When talking about collision and auto body repair, a lot of discussion revolves around paints, component repair or replacement, body straightening and panel alignment. But one aspect of auto body repair that shops may be forgetting is the windshield and window glass on cars.

Although there are a lot of DIY products out on the market for windshield repair, there are still a lot of cases when the damage to the glass requires replacement. There are many specialized service shops that offer windshield repair and replacement, but for auto body and collision repair shops, replacing windshields is a step in auto body repair that can be turned into a full-fledged service. After all, the skills and knowledge needed to replace a windshield are already there, as are the linkages to windshield suppliers, so what’s to keep an auto body repair shop from offering this additional service? It may turn out to be an important profit center for the business.

While daring to repair small cracks in their car’s windshields themselves, most car owners are prudent enough to know that extensive damage requires replacement glass. They also know that this job is best left to skilled professionals as botched jobs will result in a leaky windshield or induce wind noise at highway speeds. And in case of a severe accident, a resulting rollover may actually crush the roof as modern windshield installations use this component as part of a car’s crash protection feature. Try removing the urethane adhesive bonding the windshield to the frame and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. If insurance investigators discover such a defective repair, you may even get a claim denial.

Speaking of insurance, a shop can inform its customers that most comprehensive policies allow for replacement of the windshield in case it’s damaged and needs replacement. Even if the customer has to shell out a small amount, the auto body repair shop needs to explain that the windshield is an important safety component and no compromise should be considered in that regard. If necessary, show the customer those online videos which show a small nicked windshield developing severe fractures the instant the car goes through a pothole or even a speed bump. Current industry standards use windshields made from damage-resistant laminated glass consisting of 2 layers of glass plus a layer of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB). When impacted by debris, sharp pieces of glass will adhere to the PVB layer, thereby reducing the danger from flying glass. The polyvinyl butyrate layer in laminated glass also has a cushioning effect, helping protect a car’s occupants during collisions.

Some auto body repair shops have started looking at other integrated services to offer, in order to improve their revenue streams. Without needing to invest in new equipment or skills, auto body repair shops can add windshield repair services to their list of offerings.

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